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The Shendo is a unique path of personal and spiritual development that has evolved over the last 40 years. It is based on the recognition that all forms of human illumination, 'enlightenment' or liberation from negative conditions - e.g. being gripped by anxiety, anger or depression - result from the opening of specific points in the human energy body.


When your energy opens to life in new ways, you naturally see and are able to achieve new solutions and new ways of being. This is the opposite process of a 'normal' life in which the energy body and the mind become increasingly closed.


The Shendo is unique to you insofar as its underlying process, the Way of Life, gradually manifests in your life as responses to your personal, karmic conditions and circumstances. This means you aren't required to conform to prescribed ways of being or ignore significant issues that you experience. Every internal or external experience is seen as an opportunity for opening more to the spirit or essential energy of life.


If you are new to the Way of Life, you can read an introduction to some of its basic concepts here: The Way of Life - Precepts, Process and Practice.


Or, if you prefer the short version, it can be summarised as:



'Shendo' means, the path [doh] of your Heart [shen] through life. This Way of life creates a higher energy future than that which manifests when the Heart doesn't ascend. The Heart's ascension transforms all karmic conditions as you increasingly open to all that you can be.   


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